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KTuner FK8 ECU Unlock

Hamarosan nálunk is elérhető majd a Honda Civic FK8 ECU Unlock és a Stage 1 program. Részletek hamarosan! Honda Civic FK8 ECU Unlock and Stage 1 tune will be available soon.

KTuner már elérhető

KTuner eszközök és Dealer Reflash már elérhető. Részletek az alábbi linkeken. KTuner Reflash/Tuning KTuner FAQ


Few screenshot from the upcoming TunerView app for Android.

Linszter Datalog v2 for Android™

The new Linszter Datalog v2 is available on the Google Play Store, now with Crome QD3 protocol, and tons of new features.

Bluetooth Device for the Datalog application

Now i try to make an article about the bluetooth device. You can read some information HERE, how you can connect the device to the ECU. I prefer THIS Elechouse Bluetooth device, because this works fine after you change the default communication settings. If you buy other device, be sure the device has 5V power supply and the…
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Now approaching the end of the year i have a little more free time. I want to update the Honda Datatabase to Version 2.0 (more articles…etc), the Nissan Database to Version 1.0 (more data) and fix the Honda Datalog problems and add all the new features (and of course the Bluetooth Device article, how can change the…
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Honda Datalog DEMO/FULL

I got several bug reports with the Honda Datalog application and the Bluetooth Devices. One of my buddy make a Honda OBD0/OBD1 Engine Simulator hardware. When it’s done, i can test and fix the application / device bugs, and i can make new features and develope the application a little bit faster. Please be patient.…
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Honda Automotive Database Update (1.4.3)

Database app is updated. Fixed some icon and layout (text size) problem.

Honda Compression Calculator

Honda Compression Calculator available for free on Android™ Market.

TTL- Bluetooth adapter for the Honda Datalog application

If you want to use the Honda Datalog for Android™ application (available this month!), you need a TTL – Bluetooth converter. This converter connected to the OBD0/OBD1 ECU-s CN2/CN3 datalog port.

Honda Datalog for Android™

This is our new application which available soon. It’s a Datalog application for older Honda’s with programmed OBD0/OBD1 ECU. The application connect to the ECU over bluetooth with a TTL-Bluetooth adapter (We post an article from the adapter later) and can see the sensors data realtime.