KTuner Reflash

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ktunerKTuner Dealer Reflash available for the following vehicles soon in Hungary. More info: info@linszter.net :


Civic Si 06-11
Civic Type-R 07-11
Civic Si 12-15
Civic R18 12-15


Accord i4 08-12
Accord V6 08-12
Accord i4 13-16
Accord V6 13-16


TSX i4 07-08
TSX i4 09-14
TSX V6 09-14


TL Base 07-08
TL Type-S 07-08
TL 3.5 09-14
TL SH-AWD 3.7 09-14


S2000 06-09


MDX V6 07-13


Ridgeline V6 09-14


Fit 09-13


CR-Z 11-15

TunerView 1.17

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I released a new version of TunerView. It will fix several bugs like permission request in Android 6.0+ devices. Also it comes with a new Screen Recording mode if you run Android 5.0+. It records the device Screen with the camera preview and the gauges overlay.

TunerView version 1.11

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I always forget to make posts in this site, but i will try to change this. In TunerView version 1.11 the Hondata™ S300 support is added. It’s not fully support yet, some feature missing like the indicators…etc. We added support for Hondata™ S300 V1 and V2 with additional USB-Bluetooth adapter (If you need one, contact us at support@hrtuning.com) and V3 with internal Bluetooth. Also added a Log Viewer, but its also in beta stage. I’m working on the Hondata™ KPro support and some other stuff. Need to fix some issue too.

TunerView and Linszter Datalog

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The new TunerView is coming soon. I prefer the TunerView app instead of Linszter Datalog now. So if you want to buy the Linszter Datalog app its better to wait for the TunerView release. It has more feature and more protocol (Crome, eCtune, Neptune, QuarterHorse and lots of others coming). If you are interested follow this page on facebook. If you are interested in TunerView beta test, write me an email. facebook

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