Project Primera eGT

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I try to start writing a blog about my Nissan Primera eGT. I bought the car on November 2015. I wanted to buy a Honda Civic or something that I can use my Neptune RTP with. But after months of search I didn’t found one that I like to buy. Because I had a NismotronicSA I started to think about a Nissan and found this Primera.

I didn’t used the car too much, but after few weeks the engine started running on 3 cylinder. Here’s some picture what I found after started changing parts and searching for the issue.

I thought I bought new Rocker Arm guides, Tomei Rocker Arm Stopper, ignition distributor cap, ignition cables, fuel rail, injectors…etc. Now the engine running well, but I will rebuild it soon with a Pulsar GTiR turbo manifold and a GT28 turbo. Car running on NismotronicSA ECU and I will convert it to Speed Density mode (MAP sensor instead of MAF). Also need to rebuild the steering rack, gearbox and the suspension.



TunerView version 1.11

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I always forget to make posts in this site, but i will try to change this. In TunerView version 1.11 the Hondata™ S300 support is added. It’s not fully support yet, some feature missing like the indicators…etc. We added support for Hondata™ S300 V1 and V2 with additional USB-Bluetooth adapter (If you need one, contact us at and V3 with internal Bluetooth. Also added a Log Viewer, but its also in beta stage. I’m working on the Hondata™ KPro support and some other stuff. Need to fix some issue too.

TunerView and Linszter Datalog

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The new TunerView is coming soon. I prefer the TunerView app instead of Linszter Datalog now. So if you want to buy the Linszter Datalog app its better to wait for the TunerView release. It has more feature and more protocol (Crome, eCtune, Neptune, QuarterHorse and lots of others coming). If you are interested follow this page on facebook. If you are interested in TunerView beta test, write me an email. facebook

Honda Datalog for Android 1.2

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The Honda Datalog new, version 1.2 now available on the Android Market.


New features:
eCtune support
– Android Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich support
– New digital display
– New log viewer
– Ignition, Battery, TPS and Injector Duration logging

Bluetooth Device for the Datalog application

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Now i try to make an article about the bluetooth device. You can read some information HERE, how you can connect the device to the ECU. I prefer THIS Elechouse Bluetooth device, because this works fine after you change the default communication settings. If you buy other device, be sure the device has 5V power supply and the communication settings is:

  • Baudrate: 38400
  • Stopbit: 1
  • Checkbit: None

If you buy the Elechouse Bluetooth device, here is an article how you can change the default settings,

What you need:

  • Honda Datalog cable (or other USB-TTL cable like Nokia DKU-5 what you use for datalogging)
  • 5V power supply for the bluetooth device
  • Arduino software (i use version 0022)
  • some pins, cable…etc

You need to make a converter cable to connect the Datalog cable to the bluetooth device:

When you done switch the bluetooth device to AT mode (AT switch on the device. Make sure you switched the other switch to 5V power supply).

Now run the arduino software. On the tools menu, select your datalog cable COM port, then on the tools menu choose the Serial Monitor.

On the bottom, set the Serial Monitor to “Both NL & CR” and “38400 baud“. Then send an “AT” command to the device. If everything works, the device send back “OK“.

Now you can set your device. Send  AT+ROLE=0  to change the device to slave mode. Then send  AT+UART=38400,1,0 to set the device to works with the datalog app.

You can set other things, like device name, password…etc. HERE is the commands.


Now approaching the end of the year i have a little more free time. I want to update the Honda Datatabase to Version 2.0 (more articles…etc), the Nissan Database to Version 1.0 (more data) and fix the Honda Datalog problems and add all the new features (and of course the Bluetooth Device article, how can change the settings, which one good…etc) this year. Now i have money to buy the Moates OBD1 Engine Simulator to test the application every time when i want. I hope, i get it asap.

Honda Datalog DEMO/FULL

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I got several bug reports with the Honda Datalog application and the Bluetooth Devices. One of my buddy make a Honda OBD0/OBD1 Engine Simulator hardware. When it’s done, i can test and fix the application / device bugs, and i can make new features and develope the application a little bit faster. Please be patient. I’ll make a full article about the application and the Bluetooth device settings ASAP.



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