Project Primera eGT

Project Primera eGT

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I try to start writing a blog about my Nissan Primera eGT. I bought the car on November 2015. I wanted to buy a Honda Civic or something that I can use my Neptune RTP with. But after months of search I didn’t found one that I like to buy. Because I had a NismotronicSA I started to think about a Nissan and found this Primera.

I didn’t used the car too much, but after few weeks the engine started running on 3 cylinder. Here’s some picture what I found after started changing parts and searching for the issue.

I thought I bought new Rocker Arm guides, Tomei Rocker Arm Stopper, ignition distributor cap, ignition cables, fuel rail, injectors…etc. Now the engine running well, but I will rebuild it soon with a Pulsar GTiR turbo manifold and a GT28 turbo. Car running on NismotronicSA ECU and I will convert it to Speed Density mode (MAP sensor instead of MAF). Also need to rebuild the steering rack, gearbox and the suspension.