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Bluetooth Device for the Datalog application

Bluetooth Device for the Datalog application

Now i try to make an article about the bluetooth device. You can read some information HERE, how you can connect the device to the ECU. I prefer THIS Elechouse Bluetooth device, because this works fine after you change the default communication settings. If you buy other device, be sure the device has 5V power supply and the communication settings is:

  • Baudrate: 38400
  • Stopbit: 1
  • Checkbit: None

If you buy the Elechouse Bluetooth device, here is an article how you can change the default settings,

What you need:

  • Honda Datalog cable (or other USB-TTL cable like Nokia DKU-5 what you use for datalogging)
  • 5V power supply for the bluetooth device
  • Arduino software (i use version 0022)
  • some pins, cable…etc

You need to make a converter cable to connect the Datalog cable to the bluetooth device:

When you done switch the bluetooth device to AT mode (AT switch on the device. Make sure you switched the other switch to 5V power supply).

Now run the arduino software. On the tools menu, select your datalog cable COM port, then on the tools menu choose the Serial Monitor.

On the bottom, set the Serial Monitor to “Both NL & CR” and “38400 baud“. Then send an “AT” command to the device. If everything works, the device send back “OK“.

Now you can set your device. Send  AT+ROLE=0  to change the device to slave mode. Then send  AT+UART=38400,1,0 to set the device to works with the datalog app.

You can set other things, like device name, password…etc. HERE is the commands.