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Honda Datalog for Android™

Honda Datalog for Android™

This is our new application which available soon. It’s a Datalog application for older Honda’s with programmed OBD0/OBD1 ECU. The application connect to the ECU over bluetooth with a TTL-Bluetooth adapter (We post an article from the adapter later) and can see the sensors data realtime.

– Supported ECU’s:

  • OBD0 (Turboedit NG6x / BRE)
  • OBD1 (Crome / eCtune)
– Supported MAP Sensors:
  • Stock
  • GM 2BAR
  • GM 3BAR
  • Motorola 2.5BAR
  • AEM 3.5BAR
– Supported Wideband O2 Sensors:
  • Stock (Voltage display)
  • MoTeC PLM
  • Innovate LC-1
  • FJO CWC0002
  • Custom Settings (min-max V/min-max AFR)
– Metric and Imperial Units
– Shiftlight
– Analog and Digital Displays
– Data saved to CSV file
Features Video:
Test Video: